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Baby massage is essentially all about communication with your baby through nurturing touch.  There are numerous benefits of baby massage for both parent and baby.

The benefits for babies include:

     • Helping babies to feel securely attached

     • Helping babies to feel more loved, valued and

     • Reduced crying and emotional distress

     • Increased relaxation and longer sleep

     • Development of body awareness and

     • Relief from wind, colic, constipation and
       teething discomfort

The benefits for parents include:

     • Feeling closer to baby

     • Gaining a deeper understanding of baby’s
       behaviours, crying and body language

     • Providing an enjoyable opportunity to spend
       one-on-one time with baby

     • Feeling the relaxing effects of giving baby a

     • Increase confidence in parental ability to care
       for and nurture baby

     • Learning a life-long parenting skill

Precious Beginnings run baby massage classes with instructors who are trained to the highest standard and have gained the International Association of Infant Massage accreditation to become Certified

Infant Massage Instructors (CIMI).  For more  information on IAIM please visit

Precious Beginnings can offer baby massage courses in homes and community venues in a variety of areas within West Yorkshire and beyond.

Usually courses are 5 weeks long and participants are provided with:

     • A bottle of oil

     • Guidance sheets

     • Refreshments (when delivered at community

     • A certificate of achievement

This course is for full term babies (37 weeks gestation+) until they are moving.

prices are as follows:

Private 1:1 sessions - £100

Would you prefer the intimacy of learning baby massage without others? Precious Beginnings can come to your home for 5 private sessions (usually over 5 weeks but schedule can be changed as needed).  We will cover the same course as if you were attending a group.

Group sessions at your home - £45 per baby
(Minimum of 4 participants)

If you have a group of 4 or more friends with babies then why not arrange for me to come to your home for the 5 sessions?  I will visit once per week for 5 weeks and cover all the topics as covered in the community courses.

Community courses - £45 per baby

This is an ideal way to meet other local families.  The sessions are on set dates over 5 weeks – click here for our current course dates.

Please see our terms and conditions page for all information regarding payment and terms of service.

Please click here for our current community course dates or contact us to arrange a course within your home.

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